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prospect park association (ppa) committees, Task Groups & Delegates

All of our successes are due to the efforts of our volunteers working together in these various groups. Contact us for information on how to participate!

Long-term working groups.
Committee chairs are nominated by the president & approved by the Board.
Most meet year-round, others are seasonal.

Read the PPA Committee and Inventory Plan, January 23, 2017.

Standing Committees
Neighborhood Relations & Outreach (NRO) (formerly Membership & Communications)
Land Use & Planning (LUP) (formerly Zoning & Project Review)
Transit & Safety
Housing & Livability
Environment & Sustainability
Nominations (seasonal)
Glendale (dormant)

Task Groups
Temporary working groups that report to a particular committee. Examples of task groups:
Neighborhood Clean-up (re-occurs seasonally)
Identity & Branding
I-94 Sound Wall

Outside organizations frequently request a delegate to represent PPA in their meetings. PPA delegates are nominated by the president & approved by the Board.
Report to the Board via the Executive Committee.
Organizations with PPA delegates:
Good Neighbor Fund
Prospect Park 2020
Stadium Area Advisory Group
University District Alliance

For contact information for any committee chair, task force leader, or delegate, please contact us.