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    Prospect Park – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Prospect Park community guide

Our directory of neighborhood services, community groups, and reference information catalogs the wealth of resources available to Prospect Park residents. Our focus is what is locally accessible to the Prospect Park neighborhood including immediately adjacent areas.

The original directory was created in 1999 based on an Prospect Park Neighborhood NRP project, and previous printed directories going back to 1970. Since 1999, we have witnessed disruptive change in the listing for our Business & Retail Directory because of: the Great Recession of 2008-2010, the impact of the Prospect Park Light Rail Station in 2014, and then the COVID pandemic in 2020-2022. Many businesses folded and many more have been created. The result? Our directory needs even more help to be kept up to date!

Resources for Resident Homeowners

Resources for Resident Renters