• Prospect Park Association Neighborhood Meeting

    Prospect Park Association Neighborhood Meeting

prospect park Association (PPA)

If you are looking for a way to have a hand in what's happening around here, join us!

Our mission is to promote, in a non-partisan, educational and cooperative manner, the health, safety and general welfare of the neighborhood and to promote the maintenance and improvement of the aesthetic, residential and physical qualities of the neighborhood environment.

Fast Facts

Prospect Park Association (PPA) - WHO WE ARE:


What we do:

  • Work with other organizations (City, County, MNDOT, etc.) to shape our neighborhood
  • Produce a monthly newsletter and update social media pages.
  • Host regular community programs (public safety, local businesses, neighborhood events, etc.)
  • Sponsor an Annual Neighborhood Meeting held in May of each year.

Selected accomplishments:

  • Preserved Prospect Park's hill as Tower Hill Park (1900s)
  • Guided routing of I-94 freeway (1960s)
  • Maintained neighborhood school (1970s)
  • Managed our Neighborhood Revitalization Program funds (1994-2013)
  • Advocated for balanced freeway sound wall construction (2010s)
  • Achieved Historic Neighborhood designation and placed Tower on National Register of Historic Places (2010s)
  • Managed explosive growth of high-density housing caused by advent of Light Rail (2010s)


  • Anyone who lives in Prospect Park
  • A person representing a business or organization located in Prospect Park