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    Prospect Park – Minneapolis, Minnesota

grand rounds national scenic parkway

The Grand Rounds Parkway system is a multi-modal transportation greenway, simultaneously supporting separated motor vehicle, bicycles and skates, as well as pedestrian traffic.

Since the late 1880's, the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) has envisioned a park system that would link all sections of the city. The Grand Rounds is the nation's largest urban scenic byway stretching 50 miles and circling three fourths of Minneapolis. The Grand Rounds contains a park-like road, biking and walking trails, and green open spaces.

The "missing link" through prospect park

The three-mile "Missing Link" is between St. Anthony Parkway in Northeast Minneapolis and East River Parkway along the Mississippi River in Southeast Minneapolis.

The south part of the "Missing Link" utilizes a portion of Granary Road and connects from future Granary Road to existing East River Parkway using existing and expanded SE 27th Avenue. The south section includes two parkway segments and two park projects: D) Granary Road from the new parkway Bridge to SE 27th Avenue, and E) SE 27th Avenue from Granary Road to East River Parkway.