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    Prospect Park – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Neighborhood clean sweep and Litter Be Gone

Saturday October 12, 2019
(2020 date TBD)
8:30am to 12pm
Meet at Spire Credit Union,
3117 University Ave SE


The Annual Clean Sweep is sponsored by the Public Works Department of Minneapolis to help clean up tires, concrete, and brush—items that can be a hassle for normal solid waste crews to collect but are important to get to the proper facilities. The Prospect Park Association's clean up involves around 30 volunteers who drive around the neighborhood and collect this material, which is put on the curb by residents.

The clean up takes place throughout Prospect Park Neighborhood, which is officially bordered by Oak Street to the west, the Mississippi River to the south, the border of Minneapolis and Saint Paul to the east, and the rail road tracks to the north.

Many thanks to our supporters: State Farm Insurance, Spire Credit Union, Seward Co-op, and Fresh Thyme Farmer's Market!

Litter Be Gone Details

Litter Be Gone is a series of events to clean up litter across Minneapolis each fall. Volunteer to pick up litter in your neighborhood — join a team or collect litter on your own! PPA is hosting a Litter Be Gone clean-up in our neighborhood as part of the Clean Sweep event.

"Clean Sweep" DETAILS

  • Be sure all eligible trash (see the list below) is at your curb before 9 a.m. on Saturday morning. (Each type of truck makes only one sweep down each street.)
  • Put each type of eligible trash in a separate pile, easily seen from the street. (If you cover one type of trash with another type, or hide it behind parked cars, it may not be picked up.)
  • Only put out eligible trash for pick up at your curbside (see the table below).
Eligible trash
(what we will pick up)
How you need to prepare this trash
Concrete, concrete debris & paving debris Place all concrete & paving debris in its own pile, easily seen from the street.
Scrap metal (steel, iron, aluminum, etc) Separate metals from any attached materials (wood, concrete, etc.) and place all metals in their own pile.
Tires Place tires at the curb in their own pile.
Brush including tree branches, bushes, shrubs Cut to 8-foot lengths.Stack brush at curbside. Do NOT cover other types of trash with brush!
What we won't pick up How you can dispose of these items
Recyclable items such as:
cans, glass, paper, plastic
Separate each of these recyclable materials and put out for recycling
Household waste including carpeting, small pieces of scrap wood, etc. Call Solid Waste (673-2917) a week ahead to obtain a voucher and transport to the South Side Transfer Station.
Construction materials such as shingles, sheetrock, etc. Call Solid Waste (673-2917) a week ahead to obtain a voucher and transport to the South Side Transfer Station.
What we are NOT allowed to pick up How you can dispose of this trash
Appliances including refrigerators, washers, air conditioners, etc. Attach a note: "For Solid Waste" and put these out with your regular trash on recycling day.
Large furniture including armchairs, couches, mattresses, box springs, etc. Attach a note: "For Solid Waste" and put these out with your regular trash.
Hazardous waste such as: paint, oil, fluorescent light bulbs, auto batteries Call Hennepin County Hazardous Waste at
612-384-3777 for location & times.
Household batteries
("D" size and below)
Include in your regular recycling
Leaves and grass clippings Bag these up and put out next to your regular garbage on garbage pickup day.