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ppa Jackson Project (COMMUNITY BUILDING committee)

Key actions:

  • LISTEN to members and groups in our community from whom we are disconnected.
  • LEARN what issues matter to them.
  • ASK if our community organization can give them meaningful support.
  • TRANSFORM how we do community work so these new relationships endure.

If you want to be involved, have some new ideas or want to learn more please contact us.

Committee Members:

Jerry Stein - co-chair
Susan Larson-Fleming - co-chair

monthly meetings

Watch the PPA calendar for information about our next meeting

CUrrent Projects

Projects that have developed out of this approach so far:

  1. Re-open the walkway between Glendale and Arthur Avenue - work with the City of Minneapolis and Pratt School to get the walkway re-opened so it is available for school kids and community connectedness. (completed, May, 2020)

  2. Work with Glendale residents, and others to resolve long-standing parking issues in the Glendale Public Housing Community. (On-going)

  3. U of M Student Outreach - major outreach project to the over 7,000 student renters in our neighborhood; includes one-to-one interviews,  and work with the UMN Office of Off Campus Living.

  4. Tenant Rights Project - educating renters in the wider Prospect Park community on rights and connecting them with resources as needed. (Created Prospect Park Renters Task Group, Fall, 2020)

  5. Rock the Tower - open the Witch’s Hat Water Tower in the Fall as a welcome to the neighborhood event for students. Include food, music, voter registration and information about local organizations (including PPA).

  6. Jackson Family project - plan event to recognize the Jackson family and highlight racial injustice issues that happened when they moved into the neighborhood in the 1900’s, as well as key ways the family responded over time.

  7. National Night Out event connecting to new residents north of University - plan and carry out a National Night Out for people who live on 4th Street north of University Avenue.