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neighborhood - Prospect Park Residential historic district

Over the period, 1995 - 2015 (20 years), several neighborhood residents, led by Joe Ring and his wife Susan Thrash, succeeded in achieving historic district status for most of Prospect Park to protect it from the pressures of modern development. The assumed approach was to commission a formal survey of the neighborhood's housing stock (completed in 2001), and then make an application to the National Register of Historic Places. This effort was reluctantly abandoned in in 2013, and an alternative approach with the city and state was ultimately successful two years later.

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Historic District Project

Prospect Park National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) Residential Historic District Registration 2014 [2.4MB PDF]


A similar survey was performed for Glendale in 2015 when it was threatened with total redevelopment by the city. The justification for Glendale for historic designation was established in the original 2001 work.

Glendale Townhomes: An Assessment of National Register Eligibility, Hess, Roise & Company, 2015

The work is still underway as of 2020.