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    Prospect Park – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Housing IN Prospect Park

People are the most valuable resource for a neighborhood, and housing is the first prequisite for people. Prospect Park residents enjoy living in what's considered one of Minneapolis' best-kept secrets: winding, tree-lined streets where no two homes are alike—making this neighborhood a treasure that attracts a variety of residents. Prospect Park is host to the highest percentage of architect-designed homes in the city.

Stewardship of Housing

Over the past 20 years, Prospect Park neighbors have prioritized preserving and maintaining housing stock; exploring and successfully promoting housing rehabilitation and creation of affordable housing, and turning older industrial land use into residential property. This includes:

  • Creation of "Life-Cycle" housing to serve adults through all stages of life from having families and careers to retirement and assisted living.
  • Finding and creating low-interest loan programs for housing rehabilitation and maintenance through the PPERRIA/NRP program, 1995 - 2005.
  • Steering the development of higher density housing spurred by the opening of the LRT line and Prospect Park Station.
  • Overseeing two major housing development projects through the PPERRIA/NRP program: East River Mews and Bedford Street Townhomes.