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Prospect Park Neighborhood Website credits

The Prospect Park Neighborhood website, managed by PPA (formerly PPERRIA), was one of the first on the web (1994) and was incubated at U of M's Center for Urban & Regional Affairs (CURA) using the Twin Cities Freenet (now defunct) before the Internet became commerical on April 1, 1995.

The PPA Neighborhood Web Team: Andy Mickel (webmaster), Liza Davitch, Lynn Von Korff, Mary Britton.

Past contributors: Jeff Abuzzahab, Eric Amel, Joyce Barta, Jessica Buchberger, Steve Cross, Paula Denman, John DeWitt, Diana Dukich, Susan Gottlieb, Del Hampton, John Holmquist, Nellie Jerome, Bill Kahn, Tom Kilton, Mary Alice Kopf, Elisabeth Miller, Karen Murdock, Jake Nassif, Sarah Nassif, Jan Nelson, Richard Poppele, Joe Rockers, Serafina Scheel, Johnathan Schuster, Stacy Sorenson, Kenzie Turner, Cheryl Vollhaber, Julia Wallace, John Wike, Lois Willand, Lindsey Wollschlager, Betts Zerby.

Modification History (revision, date, name, description):


Revised, 2024-05-15. Andy Mickel, Post May PPA NL; update home page and Garden Walk events page.
Revised, 2024-05-14. Andy Mickel, Post PPA board member online voting link on home page after annual meeting.
Revised, 2024-05-13. Andy Mickel, Post Yard Sales and Garden Walk event updates.
Revised, 2024-05-10. Andy Mickel, Post Mini-May PPA NL; update home page with Annual Meeting and PPA NL page & board and annual meeting pages.
Revised, 2024-04-25. Andy Mickel, Add PPA Committee meeting minutes + Ice Cream Social event information.
Revised, 2024-04-24. Andy Mickel, Add mid-April PPA NL; post community meeting minutes.
Revised, 2024-04-10. Andy Mickel, Post March PPA NL; update home page events and PPA NL page.
Revised, 2024-03-11. Andy Mickel, Update PPA Board Monthly Meetings page with 2024 dates and hybrid meetings.
Revised, 2024-02-27. Andy Mickel, Post Earth Day information; promote visibility of PPA Board Election info on home page.
Revised, 2024-02-20. Andy Mickel, Post mid-February PPA NL; update home page with PPA Board Election info.
Revised, 2024-02-13. Andy Mickel, Post February 26 Community Meeting notice on home page; compose PDF for more info.
Revised, 2024-01-23. Andy Mickel, Post January PPA NL; update home page events and PPA NL page; post PPA board & committee minutes.
Revised, 2023-11-18. Andy Mickel, Post November PPA NL; update home page and PPA NL page.
Revised, 2023-10-19. Andy Mickel, Post Mid-October PPA NL; update home page and PPA NL page.
Revised, 2023-10-06. Andy Mickel, Post October PPA NL; update home page and PPA NL page.
Revised, 2023-09-19. Andy Mickel, Post September PPA NL; update home page and PPA NL page.
Revised, 2023-08-25. Andy Mickel, Post mid-August PPA NL; update home page and PPA NL page.
Revised, 2023-08-02, Andy Mickel, Post PPA August NL, update home page, ice-cream social event page, Luxton park events.
Revised, 2023-07-02, Andy Mickel, Post 2 recent Environment 25% by 2025 articles to Environment Committee page; add Jackson Family Playground at Pratt dedication to Pratt Education pages.
Revised, 2023-07-02, Andy Mickel, Post PPA July NL; add PPA Board and Committee minutes and PPA 2023 Annual Report. Update Tower, Parks&Rec, and Welcome Packet pages.
Revised, 2023-06-28, Post PPA mid-June NL and add National Night Out Event with 4th Street Community Festival & Cultural Gardening Gathering.
Revised, 2023-06-15, Post PPA June NL and update PPA Board Members page.
Revised, 2023-06-08, Andy Mickel, Upload PDF map for Yard Sales & Garden Walk; modify Home, Garden Walk & Yard Sales page text and add link.
Revised, 2023-06-02, Andy Mickel, Create new Welcome Packet section under Our Neighborhood/Residents; update navigation on all pages; Create PDF versions of Winter 2022 and Spring 2023 Welcome Packet for download.
Revised, 2023-05-30, Andy Mickel, Add PPA Board Meeting and Committee Meeting minutes from 2023.
Revised, 2023-05-18, Andy Mickel, Post PPA board member candidate profiles.
Revised, 2023-05-05. Andy Mickel, Post PPA May NL; notice of PPA Annual meeting and board elections
Revised, 2023-04-26. Andy Mickel, Post Yard Sales event on home page; modify Yard Sales and Garden Walk events pages; Add FOTHP memo on the Tower.
Revised, 2023-04-14. Andy Mickel, Post PPA mid-April NL; PPA Board Member Elections candidate profiles.
Revised, 2023-04-06. Andy Mickel, Post PPA April NL; notice of PPA Annual meeting and board elections.
Revised, 2023-03-27. Andy Mickel, Add mid-March PPA NL to website.
Revised, 2023-03-20. Andy Mickel, Update home page with notice of no Pratt Ice Cream Social this year.
Revised, 2023-03-03. Andy Mickel, Post PPA March NL; notice of Earth Day Cleanup. PPA Board Elections in May.
Revised, 2023-02-09. Andy Mickel, Post PPA February and mini-January NLs; notice of Fire & Ice event, March, 2023 PPA Meeting on home page; update PPA Board and Community meeting schedule for 2023.
Revised, 2022-12-13. Andy Mickel, Post PPA mini-December NL; notice of New Year's Eve Luminarias event, January PPA Meeting on home page.
Revised, 2022-12-05. Andy Mickel, Post notice of Prospect Park Welcome Packet on home page.
Revised, 2022-11-11. Andy Mickel, Post PPA November NL; update home page.
Revised, 2022-10-18. Andy Mickel, Post PPA October NL; update home page.
Revised, 2022-09-22. Andy Mickel. Post PPA mid-September NL; update home page; update Harvest Fest events page.
Revised, 2022-09-02. Andy Mickel. Post PPA September NL; update home page; update PPA Board and Board Members pages with Equity Engagement Plan 2022. Add committee and board minutes.
Revised, 2022-08-20. Andy Mickel. Create new Renter Resources Page and preserve information created on the blog; update PPA By-Laws and Member Grievance Policy. Update references to PPA Annual Neighborhood Meeting (from old NeighborFest) in PPA section (board, monthly meetings, etc.) and in Events index.
Revised, 2022-08-02. Andy Mickel. Post PPA August NL; update home page; add entries to Computers area of Business-Retail section of Community Guide.
Revised, 2022-07-22. Andy Mickel. Post PPA mid-July NL; update home page NL links.
Revised, 2022-07-20. Andy Mickel. Add recent PPA Board and Transportation and Safety Committee minutes to website.
Revised, 2022-07-15. Andy Mickel. Update PPA Staff page with history of funding going back to 1980 and PPERRIA; create slideshow of 2022 Eco-tour event photos taken by Liza Davitch on Eco-Tour event page.
Revised, 2022-07-08. Andy Mickel. Post PPA July NL; update home page events including notice of Proposed new PPA By-Laws.
Revised, 2022-07-07. Andy Mickel. Post PPA mid-June NL; update home page NL links.
Revised, 2022-06-17. Andy Mickel. Post Yard Sales & Eco-Tour map to home page and Yard Sales and Eco Tour event pages.
Revised, 2022-06-11. Andy Mickel. Post PPA June NL; update home page events. Publicize Eco-Events for weekend of June 18th & 19th.
Revised, 2022-06-10. Andy Mickel. Create Jackson Memorial Playground at Pratt School webpage (slideshow to follow); update PPA Board page listing current and newly elected board members. Correct 2 errors on Board Meetings page.
Revised, 2022-05-10. Andy Mickel. Post PPA May NL; update home page events.
Revised, 2022-05-03. Andy Mickel. Post candidate profiles, ballot link, etc. for PPA Annual Meeting and Board Member Election; post date of June PPA Board meeting.
Revised, 2022-04-26. Andy Mickel. Update Garden Walk & Plant Sale; Yard Sales; and Ice Cream Social Events pages + Events overview page.
Revised, 2022-04-19. Andy Mickel. Update PPA Board Member Expectations & Responsibilities document; update links on board and board-member-election pages; update home page to elevate notice of Annual Meeting and Board Member Election.
Revised, 2022-04-05 Andy Mickel. Post PPA April NL; update home page events; update PPA committee minutes pages.
Revised, 2022-03-24 Andy Mickel. Post PPA mid-March NL; update home page NL links.
Revised, 2022-03-12 Andy Mickel. Create new PPA Board Election and restore Annual Meeting pages. update global navigation on all 112 pages; Create PPA Board subnavigation section; Update home page with PPA Board Election Box.
Revised, 2022-03-08 Andy Mickel. Post PPA March NL; update home page events.
Revised, 2022-02-25 Andy Mickel. Add Earth Day event to home page and update Earth Day Event and Parks & Rec pages.
Revised, 2022-02-09, Andy Mickel. Move and augment Donate box on home page; Update Donate page; add Adopt-A-Drain advisory to home page;
Revised, 2022-02-08, Andy Mickel. Post PPA Febuary NL; SE Seniors workshops; Add Council Member Robyn Wonsley Worlobah's contact information to the Neighborhood Directory; Add PPA Committee minutes.
Revised, 2022-01-06, Andy Mickel. Post PPA January NL; publicize Fire & Ice Festival and SE Seniors workshops; Add Liza Davitch pictures to 2021 New Year's Eve Luminarias page.