• Prospect Park Minneapolis Slideshow

    Prospect Park – Minneapolis, Minnesota

2002 PROSPECT PARK neighborhood id signs

As part of the NRP program in 1999-2000, the PPERRIA Livability Committee (Paula Denman, Lois Willand, Eleanor Montgomery, Heidi Schwabacher, Andy Mickel, Ralph Rapson) performed a photo study of all entrances to the neighborhood, commissioned a sign design and deployed signs. The committee also requested that a "Welcome to Minneapolis / City of Lakes" sign be added at location #9 below.


The PPERR Neighborhood can be entered from 3 directions: the South, the West and the East.

From the South:
1a. Huron Blvd at Essex St, after the I-94 exit (existing post)
1b. Huron Blvd on Fulton St, after left turn from the I-94 exit (existing post)
2. East end of the Franklin Ave bridge east side of the bridge (existing post)

From the West:
3. South side of SE 5th/6th St and Oak St (new post)
4. South side of University Ave, east of Oak St (existing post)
5. Southeast corner of Washington Ave and Oak St (existing post)
6. South side of Essex St and Oak St (existing post)
7. South side of Fulton St and Oak St (existing post)
8. South side of East River Pkwy at Oak St (new post)

From the East:
9. North side of University Ave at Emerald St (existing post or on soon-to-be "City of Lakes" sign!)
10. North side of Franklin Ave near the intersection of Emerald St (on the "City of Lakes" sign)
11. North side of East River Pkwy at Emerald St (existing post)
12. West side of St. Anthony Ave at the St. Paul border (new post)