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Minneapolis Neighborhood Revitalization Program
Policy Board Policy, Adopted September 19, 1994
Policy amended, _______________________

Housing and Housing Related Activities

The statute allowing establishment of a Neighborhood Revitalization Program indicates that one of the major areas of emphasis must be "housing programs and related purposes". More than 50 percent of the funds expended by NRP must be expended for these purposes. Unfortunately, the statute provides no definition of these programs or purposes. To provide guidelines to neighborhoods, a working definition is needed.


The Minneapolis Neighborhood Revitalization Program Policy Board interprets "housing program and related purposes" to mean projects, programs, services and activities (hereinafter “programs”) that directly contribute to:

  • Increased owner occupied housing;
  • New home construction;
  • Rehabilitation and/or upgrading of existing single and multi-family residential structures;
  • Stabilize the quality of the housing stock in the neighborhood;
  • Creating or maintaining affordable rental units;
  • Creating housing opportunities that expand the tax base of the City;
  • Site acquisition and preparation for new housing construction;
  • Meeting the requirements of the City's building and building-related housing codes;
  • Improving the energy efficiency of new or existing housing structures;
  • Training homeowners and renters to meet the financial and other responsibilities associated with their housing unit;
  • Improving rental housing management;
  • Increased opportunities for renters to become property owners;
  • Removal of vacant and boarded housing structures; and
  • Adding empty spaces to existing lots to increase the value of existing structures and/or reduce neighborhood problems.

Staff time in the neighborhood, MCDA, CPED, DFD, or NRP’s central office that develops, plans, implements, administers or monitors an NRP funded housing or housing related program should be allocated as direct expenses to that program.